About the Artist

Janie Dick is an American Ceramic Artist making pottery in her hometown of Mandeville, Louisiana. She is pursuing her love for clay making work from her backyard studio shed after recently graduating from Southeastern Louisiana University. She received her Bachelor's degree in Visual Arts with a concentration in Ceramics from Southeastern in Spring 2020. Her work has been featured in numerous Exhibitions at the Southeastern Contemporary Art Gallery. 

 Artist Statement 

My body of work investigates the rebirth of clay into forms that represent a certain kind of divinity placed in our path by deceased loved ones to bring us comfort. Such experiences can be as simple as the interaction with a butterfly or spotting of your loved one's favorite flowers. My pieces are reminiscent of these natural symbols, and also conjure emotions of nostalgia. I believe this is the most common way that we find connections through departed loved ones since mother nature is all around us.